The Pitch Perfect Naija Music Reality Show

Pitch Perfect Naija is a Musical Reality Show that aims at giving musical talents a platform to showcase their arts and creativity in music and stand a chance of winning a reward worth 1.5 million naira. These reward includes;

  1. * Cash Price
  2. * A Recording deal with BED Music Africa
  3. * 10 Tracks audio album including featuring one popular Nigerian artiste
  4. * A Music Video
  5. * Endorsements

This music reality show also seeks to educate the contestants on the mannerisms of the world of music and how they can use it to affect their immediate society and the world at large.
The Show primarily targets persons (both males and females) between the ages of 18 – 30 years old, who will be selected by Judges in an audition.
The successfully selected 12 housemates shall be camped in the Pearl City House for 2 weeks. They will be voted for by viewers and these votes will determine who makes it to the final round.

Contestants shall be subjected to participate in different task and gifts will be awarded to housemates that win tasks. Gifts items will include money prizes, packages from sponsors, collaboration with a top artist, amongst other things.
Pitch Perfect Naija will be published and showcased via social media and cable TV (station will be revealed soon).

1. To participate in the Pitch Perfect Musical Reality Show, you must be a citizen of Nigeria, in need of sponsorship or boost in your music career.
2. You must show prove that you are mentally stable and devoid of any medical challenges.

1. Housemates shall have no contacts with the outside world.
2. Whispering inside the house is strictly prohibited.
3. Housemates should never intimidate, threaten or act violently towards any other housemate.
4. Tasks are compulsory, but housemates may be permitted to refrain from participating where health or other reasons are accepted by the producers.
5. Speaking in another language aside from the official language used by the show is strictly prohibited.
6. Housemates should never deliberately break anything in the house.
7. The housemates should never discuss anything related to the outside world. (Except otherwise permitted by the Producers)
8. Covering or tampering microphones or cameras, writing secret messages, talking under hidden places (such as bedding, tables and beds) are strictly prohibited.
9. Production has the sole discretion over what to broadcast and what not to broadcast.
10. The following items are forbidden inside the house:
i. Drugs and narcotics
ii. Personal medication (except in consultation with Big Brother)
iii. Weapons
iv. Watches
v. Money, check books, or credit/debit cards
vi. Mobile/cell phones, TVs, Computers, or Gaming Devices
vii. Palm Pilots or electronic organizers
viii. Agendas or diaries
ix. Magazines
x. Books, aside from official religious texts
xi. Pens or any similar writing implements (unless provided by the Producers)
xii. Paper or writing pads (unless provided by the Producers)
xiii. Musical instruments.
xiv. Any ready-made games, such as playing cards (unless received from production)
xv. Any item requiring electrical or battery power
xvi. Radios or Walkman, CDs or CD players
xviii. Clothes entirely white in colour, with prominent commercial logos (unless authorized), or messages to the outside world.

These items when seized will not be returned until the end of the show.

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